Confession - I Mastur**bate Every Day To My Pastor's Video

I could remember vividly during our annual convention in the Church by April. We had a thanksgiving service and it was so fun filled. The choir were very much filled with the Spirit I must say and everywhere was so electrified that there was no moments of sorrows. 

At a point during the Praise session, I brought out my iPhone and started videotaping the scene. I focused it on our pastor after some time and he was so engrossed that his crotch was moving synchronously with the music. I considered this quite sexy and focused the video on him for close to 10 minutes. 

I got home that night and was watching the video. What got me totally confused was that I began to get wet in my pants when the video got to the scene of my pastor dancing. I thought it was something normal until when I watched for some few more minutes and I didn't know until when I had dipped my fingers into my crotch and started toying with my Vagi..Na. 

I came after some few moments of play and unfortunately I have made the video my stimulant ever since then. 

I am quite confused. I don't even know the kind of explanation I will give to this. Could it something more than the physical or it's me just naturally inclined to my pastor. 

,,,Anonymous from Awka, Anambra. 
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