How To Be A Good Kisser. Tips For Guys and Ladies

Do your partner complain that you're a sloppy kisser? Do you want to improve on your kissing game and become a great kisser? Here are some takeaways from William Cane’s The Art Of Kissing research:

For men, here are what to do to ensure she keeps coming back for more lip action:

-     Don’t jam your tongue down her throat. This was women’s most frequent complaint. You’re kissing her, not trying to implant an alien embryo in her stomach. It’s a tongue not a vacuum cleaner!

-     Keep your ears attuned to her breathing. Bluntly, make sure you’re allowing her to breathe. Women tend to enjoy kissing more when they’re not being suffocated.

-      “Listen” to the way she’s kissing. Match her tempo. Reply her tongue action with similar tongue action. Leading and being aggressive can be good but being oblivious is bad.

Be Flexible and Creative. Women often complain that men don’t do enough variations in kissing, that they’re too machine-like or repetitive. Women would like a number of different kisses: the neck, the ears, and liposuction (the moving from the upper lip to the lower lip).

For Ladies, here are some tips to make you the baddest b*tch in the kissing game:

-        -  Open your mouth more. The research showed that men prefer “wetter kisses with more tongue action.” Stop waiting for him to pry your lips open. Be welcoming and go with the pace.

-       -   Initiate more. Lead him in knowing how you like it. Be daring and flexible. Kiss him how you want to be kissed. Control the pace. Give, don't just be a passive participant.

-       -   Be more aggressive with your tongue and take an active part in the kiss.


     You could probably sum them all up by saying: Ladies, Stop holding back. 

Culled from TIME
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