Lynxxx Switches To Gospel Rap Music

 Lynxxx, as he’s decided to switch it up and move towards Gospel Rap music. He made a post about his decision on instagram earlier today, shortly after releasing his single, Serve You.

Sometimes shooting forward beyond imaginable heights requires a pull back… As yall know “i” have been through an evolution and attained Growth and “thankfully”..wisdom beyond my imaginations. The past 3years, i kinda took a hiatus from the scene to assess a few things, take care of my personal side of life and improve my craft in my chosen career to make sure i give my fans the best of me. 

God is amazing and i have learned so much in so little time, its all about doing things right and New beginnings for me in every aspect of my life! Music for me means more than ever and i wanna make sure whenever i step in d studio to create, i share a part of me. 

My New projects would be my testimony and even in my party / commercial records, im sharing my happiness and hoping it brings joy to who ever is listening cos its all about Positive Vibes for man like Lynxxx! Lets start over, theres so much music to share with yall i cant wait to drop it all! Thanks to all who’ve been here since the “change ur parade” era! Its 2016 and we about to set it off for all those who believe and even those who don't Its time to Let the Music Speak! God bless my label / team

We wish Lynxxx the best in his new genre. Listening to the song, you can tell this means a lot to him, he talks about his journey to this point and how he goes to church 7 days a week now. Big ups!
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