Drake’s Pool Party Ends In Nasty Girls' Fight

Drake’s Memorial Day pool party on Monday ended in disaster after several girls at the party went berserk on one another that the police and paramedics had to be called in.

The nasty girl-fight was caught on camera. The girls can be seen pulling one another’s hair, throwing punches and kicking. Although what started the fight could not be ascertained, worried neighbours had to call the police who intervened but the fight had simmered down by

Instead of breaking up the fight, some of the party goers were busy jostling for who would get the better video and picture for social media with one saying, “You gotta get this on Snapchat!” 

I’m sure Drake would have felt very disappointed, all he wanted was to have fun with his friends but he ended up making headlines for the wrong reasons. But, this is nothing new…
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