Photos: Student sells car for breast implants


Student Miranda Forsyth swapped her car for boobs by selling her Fiat to pay for a boob job.

The 22 year old business student of Kingston University , Surrey, booked the £4,500 operation to increase her boobs from an A cup to double Ds a week after trading in her £12,000 car.
But busty Miranda doesn't regret a thing as snaps of her new assets have not only reeled in 8,000 followers on Instagram, but also landed her a part time job as a model. 

She said:
"If I set my mind on something I just do it. "I really had nothing there before so I just decided to do it.
"I haven't told my mum yet because I don't think she would like it too much when I told her I was thinking about it she was fine at first but then she just kept saying I didn't need it and I was perfect the way I was."
But Miranda's breast implants almost never happened after doctors found a cyst on her ovary had exploded the day before she went under the knife.

She said:
"I just couldn't get up and was in loads of pain. "I was rushed to hospital and doctors said it was quite common for women to have cysts, mine must've been in a painful place".
The downside to Miranda's boob job is that she's had to fork out a whopping -£2,000 on clothes to fit her new bigger chest.
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