Two Places A Lady should not Allow a Man who is not her Husband to touch her.

Genechy is not married yet but he knows what it takes to maintain a good relationship
that will lead to marriage.
Some ladies are very cheap, yes some not all,
there are two places you should not allow that
man or that your lover to touch you.

1. Your baby milk. [your bre.ast]
If you allow him to be touching it,
just forget it my dear you are too cheap,
he will never make haste to come and marry you.
Br.east is the most attractive part in some ladies,
after touching it, nothing will attract him again. 

2. Your private part. My dear once that man gets into your pa.nts,
his love for you will diminish, and he have eaten what he never paid for,
so no need for payment.
Men if you must touch her in these very places, marry her first.
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