5 Ways You React When You Are Removed From A Whatsapp Group (Photos)


Whatsapp is undoubtedly the world’s most popular messaging app. Millions of humans communicate through it every single day.

What’s even more fun? The Whatsapp groups. Inside these online congregations, you will meet all kinds of people, some fun and some annoying. At times though, the admin might not like something you posted and so they decide that it’s in the best interests of the group to remove you. Or they might just not like you as a person prompting you to see the dreaded “So and So removed you” messages when you log in one day.
But how do we generally react when we are removed from these groups?  Here are some common ways

1. “I didn’t need that group anyway…it sucked”

Yea…we all have sourness in our hearts sometimes. When something is taken away from us, we try to convince ourselves that we never needed it in the first place. The same applies to being removed from a Whatsapp group. After getting the boot you conclude that the group wasn’t that cool anyway.  But as time passes by you’ll be regretting that you didn’t last long enough to make an impression on that hot chick or guy in there. Or that you are now missing out on the important details that are always posted there.
surprised manImage: askideas

2. “What? Why?How? Where? When? Which? …….Why the heck was I removed? I can’t believe it.”

A state of shock always ensues after you are removed from a group and you are not sure what you did wrong.
shocked man funnyImage: telegraph

3. “That admin thinks running a Whatsapp group is so special”

And then there is the rebellious ‘Che Guevara’ reaction where we question the admin’s intelligence and reasoning. We can’t help but wonder why someone would be so dictatorial over such as a simple thing as a Whatsapp group.
angry kidImage: askideas

4. You immediately text the admin to beg (If you really valued the group)

“Admin please add me back….I was just joking. I didn’t mean what I said. Usikue hivyo.” Haha. While some of us are too proud to beg and apologize, a lot of people don’t hesitate to do so. They just won’t let pride get in the way of being part of a great online group.
Whatsapp image: giphy.com

5. “It’s just a group…… No big deal. I’ll join another one/”

Kings and queens of moving on are in plenty too. Sometimes being removed from a Whatsapp group doesn’t count as something to be too worried about. There are much bigger problems in life after all
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