Did You Ever Think Why Numbers On Phones And Calculators Are Opposite?

It All Started With The Invention Of The Rotary Phone In The 1900’s.
The numbers on the telephone had holes from number 1 to 9 and then 0 after 9. .

The 1960’s Brought The First Number Pad

And boy did it change the way people called their friends! 2

Minimizing Dialing Errors
Lots of research went in to figuring out how to lay out the numbers on the phone.
Going With The Research

According to psychological analysis, people dial numbers in the order they normally read. 4

Endless Combinations

They realized there were a lot of combinations for the arrangements of the numbers. A crazy amount to be exact!

Sticking With The Old Ways
Since then, people are using two patterns and are used to it now. It’s all we know!
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