Jonathan’s Wife Catches Him making love to Niece

Irene Kavata, the wife of Bishop Jonathan Musyoki Muthoka of Jesus Liberation Ministry International, is accusing the man of God of having s*xual relationship with his niece, after a CCTV camera she installed in their bedroom and sitting room caught her husband and his niece in uncompromising positions.
The “man of God” has been sleeping in their marital bed with the girl whom he had brought as a house help in their Savannah estate home in Nairobi.
The situation forced the wife and the bishop to be separated for over a month.
Irene who also works as a sales manager for a telecommunications firm, has since moved to court seeking maintenance and upkeep payments for their children.
Kavata reveals that Bishop Muthoka has been cheating on her since their grand church wedding in 2008 after they had cohabited for seven years.
Her affidavit reads: “The applicant states that she has been subjected to live under psychological and physical torture since she found out that the defendant was having extra-marital affairs with women known and unknown to her.”
Source: Breaking Times
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