Drama in Court as Woman Narrates How She Had S*x with Another Man While the Husband was Sleeping

A woman was forced to spill a secret she was harbouring in her mind when she revealed how she slept with another man while the husband was sleeping in another room.
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A woman has been forced to confess in court how she cheated on her husband by having s*x with another man in her matrimonial bedroom while the husband slept in another room.
After she was caught, she tried to blame her husband for her actions arguing that the man she slept with was sent by her husband to have sex with her, H-metro reports. Christine Chinyanyi from Zimbabwe said she was approached by her male friend at night when she was at home and was told that her husband had asked him to sleep with her.
Chinyanyi said she subsequently agreed and shared her matrimonial bed with her friend.

“I was at home and this man who is my friend who works in South Africa came and told me that my husband had asked him to sleep with me.

“I then went ahead and slept with him in my matrimonial bed. My husband is now chasing me away from home saying I am having an affair yet he is the one who sent the man I slept with.

“I do not want him to give me men to sleep with and end up calling me a prostitute,” said Chinyanyi.
However, her husband Moses Phiri, denied Chinyanyi’s claims saying she was no longer his wife as they separated in 2013 after she had an affair with a South African based man.

“She is telling lies. We separated in 2013 when she cheated on me. I was even arrested and jailed after I was convicted of assaulting her.

“I once caught her with a man in our matrimonial house and we had an altercation after I confronted them. Since that time she has been staying with that man and only comes to my house when she wants school fees for our child,” argued Phiri.
Chinyanyi approached the courts for a protection order against Phiri accusing him of harassing her.
Phiri was opposed to the application arguing that he had not done anything which constituted to harassment. The matter was postponed. Magistrate Yeukai Dzuda presided over the matter.
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