For Beginners: The Good Girl’s Guide to Rough S*x (18+)

If you like rough s*x as a lady but you don’t know how to introduce it to your partner without looking like a degenerate s*x freak, this article is for you!
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Rough s*x is one of a niche category, it’s quite special to those who like it.  Bill Maier of YourTango explains how you can achieve this quite easily. Sometime desire can be strong like the need to squeeze boobs or ass can be arousing. Predatory Aggression is a healthy form of aggression in s*x.
One popular scene of rough s*x is that one between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt in Mr. and Mrs. Smith, it was very fierce and intense, it looks very exciting but without knowing how to co-ordinate it, it can become one of the most awkward things you do together as a couple.
To achieve these, here are things you need to keep in mind.
1. Start slow
I know you have grandiose plans for how you want the sex to be but, be patient, build it slowly. Earn your partner’s trust about it, cultivate it. Practise the moves slowly then pick up pace with them, let the intensity grow also discuss what your partner what they think felt off.
2. Allow your natural instinct to lead
Let the desire you have guide you doing it, no use censoring yourself so much. If anyone is hurt while it’s happening, apologize and set the boundaries then continue.
3. Take chances… a few
It is important that you have your partner’s approval, very critical, you should also try to come out of your comfortable a little. Your desire to add aggression into your s*x lives should drive you to find the spark.
4. Trust yourself and go ahead
After having the talk about what you want with your partner, trust yourself and go ahead, let your instincts drive you.
5. It may go awkward
If it’s your first time then things are bound to be very awkward when it happens for the first time. You can acknowledge the awkwardness but honesty matters, don’t criticize each other.
6. Everyone takes their turn
While you love to do your thing, you should also be considerate of your partner, let him also do his fantasy but he up front if he over steps his boundaries. Listen to each other not to go too far.
Credits: Hot Pulse
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