Married Teacher Who Enjoys Raping Other Female Teachers In The School Finally Caught (Photo)

A randy school teacher in the United Kingdom has been caught and sent to prison by the police after he r aped a school staff. A married teacher who is in the habit of s*xually assaulting female school staffers has been jailed for r aping a woman.
The man identified as Owen Madivani ra’ped another teacher at a hotel after she got drunk during a night out at an education conference. He had been reported to have s*xually assaulted some females but escaped punishment.
The Zimbabwe-born Madivani was arrested after three female staff at The Towers School and Sixth Form Centre in Ashford, Kent, where he worked reported him to the police.
According to Dailymail, the 46-year-old father of three stood trial at Blackfriars Crown Court last December and last month he was jailed for 34 months. He was also placed on the S*x Offenders’ Register indefinitely.
He was originally accused not only of the ra’pe of a teacher but also the attempted ra’pe and s*xual assault of another woman.
Madivani travelled to the Russell Hotel in Bloomsbury, central London, in June 2015 to take part in the conference.
Around 50 teachers – including the two middle-aged women who cannot be named for legal reasons – attended the two-day event. Neither worked at The Towers School.
Madivani had attended the conference the previous year where he had met both women. The ra’pe happened after a group went out for a meal on the night of June 4. The victim became drunk after drinking for more than four hours.
The woman told police that she and Madivani returned to their hotel and the ‘next thing she remembered’ was her attacker being on top of her in her bedroom and they were having s*x.
She told prosecutors she repeatedly told him ‘no’ and tried to push him off her but he carried on with the assault before he left her.
The woman passed out. When she woke at around 7 am, she contacted a friend to say she had been ra’ped. Shortly after, Madivani knocked on her door and asked her to let him in because he had lost his bank card.
During their conversation, he is alleged to have told her: ‘I’m sorry, I’m sorry – I can’t tell you not to tell people.’
The victim felt this implied he was asking her not to report the ra’pe. Police also investigated separate allegations involving another woman at the conference who claimed he had attempted to ra’pe her and s*xually assaulted her in her room the day before after they had enjoyed breakfast together.
During his trial, he changed his plea to guilty on the ra’pe allegation. The Crown Prosecution Service said it was then decided not to proceed with the other two charges.
Acting Detective Sergeant Paula Hill, the officer in the case, said: ‘ I would like to pay tribute to the victim who had the courage to quickly report this distressing assault to police.’ The Daily Mail has learned that one woman teacher at The Towers School claims to have been assaulted by Madivani after he allegedly began stalking her.
She has since left the school after reporting the incident to police and now teaches at another school.
Another female member of staff reported that Madivani had groped her bottom and she complained to the school. Another woman teacher is also believed to have complained to the principal, Richard Billings, that she had been inappropriately touched by Madivani and she has since left the school.
The women are understood to be unhappy that their complaints were not treated more seriously by senior school figures.
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