Shocking simple ways to know if she’s good while in bed

1. She’s a great k!sser
The way a woman k!sses is basically a preview to the way she will behave in b3d. So, if the woman you’re dat!ng begins running her hands over your body as she k!sses you while gently b!ting your l!p, pressing herself int0 you and creating s3xual ant!cipation, chances are she’s going to be a great lover.
2. She is c0nfident and comfortable within herself
If the woman you’re dat!ng offers fl!rtatious or coy looks and has chosen to reveal some of her body by wearing a low c-ut dress, a t!ght sk!rt or is sh0wing off her l3gs around you, she is happy about her app3arance and has a healthy amount of self-worth. If a woman is c0nfident about her body, chances are she’ll be great in b3d and will actually let you see her n3ked with the lights on.
3. She enjoys the taste of food
Another trait that can translate exceptionally well to the b3droom is how a woman eats. If she puts food in her mouth s3nsually, delights in her meals and takes the time to savor the flavors, she may have a d3ep apprec!ation for c@rn@l pl3asures. If she l!ngers over a meal, she may just take her time in b3d as well.
4. She’s flex!ble and works out
Phys!cal conditioning is fundam3ntal to good lungula and there are some aspects of lungula that are like athletic contests; therefore, a fl3xible woman who is in go0d sh@pe and involves herself in things like y0ga or ballet will likely be able to exhibit more endurance in l0vemaking. Furthermore, the ability to move her body in a flex!ble fashion allows for more possibilities in b3d and can provide great thrills for b0th of you.
5. She’s a gr3at dancer
A w0man’s dancing pr0wess along with her rhythm can not only suggest her energy and creativity–it can give a hint to what she moves like in the b3droom. So, watch her moves on the d@nce floor and you’ll get a good idea of her skills between the sh3ets.

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